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Military PowerPoint Template – This presentations is a professional PowerPoint template featuring the military. The military are forces responsible for the task of defense of the state and its citizens, and the prosecution of war against another state. The main requirement of the military is to execute the national defence policy and for this task it creates a cohesive force that can provide military command. The Military also have additional functions as emergency services, social ceremonies and the guard of important areas.

The Role of the  military command is to translate policies into concrete missions and express them in terms understood by subordinates, also known as orders. Military Command provides the ability to create effective and efficient military organizations possible through delegation of authority and design of military structures.

The Military Organizations are generally divided in the following main groups:

  1. Army: Land based military Operations
  2. Naval: Naval Warfare and Operations on seas, oceans, or any other major bodies of water such as large lakes and wide rivers.
  3. Air Force: Aerial Warfare and Operation with flying machines.

This presentations is ideal for generic Military Presentations that require a military themed background and professional layouts. The presenter can easily replace the photos and placeholders according to their desired content. The PowerPoint template also provides professional PowerPoint Icons and clipart that can be used to decorate existing presentations without losing their visual quality.

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