Mike Male Cartoon Hero Clipart

A superhero is a fictional character who, through some circumstance or another, has extraordinary or superhuman powers. They are usually depicted in comic books and cartoons as almost-omnipotent beings who save the day from supervillains and all types of disasters, natural or otherwise.

This concept is prominently used in the Mike Male Cartoon Hero Clipart PowerPoint template. The superhero template makes use of a vector clipart of a typical male office worker in the middle of pose which is most attributed to Superman. This mimics the superhero character’s trademark suit-under-suit tactic of hiding his secret identity.

The super hero slide design and illustration can be used as a metaphor for exemplary leadership. The presenter can highlight the tasks of being a leader, including taking risks and making decisions. This can be used to show the characteristics of a leader as compared to that of a manager, or that of a leader over a boss. The presenter can also download other PowerPoint templates from the Gallery, such as the Mike Carry Luggage Cartoon PowerPoint

For example, while managers merely give directions and instructions to their members, leaders guide and empower. The main difference between them can be described simply as willingness to serve. Leaders are usually those who take the initiative to solve problems and improve situations. In these, they take a personal commitment to the fulfillment of their vision. They are driven by a passion to serve, not merely by requirement, but by their own will.

Leaders see their employees as more than just human capital. They treat their subordinates as synergized members of the team. They tend to inspire their members to become more invested in the group’s mission and vision on a personal basis.

The Mike Male Cartoon Hero Clipart is ideal for presentations such as in corporate team building activities and workshops that aim to improve work team performances. The presenter can place the relevant information in the text placeholders. These are systematically placed on the slides to ensure that they are memorable.

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