Middle East Map Template for PowerPoint

Middle East Map Template for PowerPoint– Middle East is composed of 17 countries. It is located in the middle of the European, African and Asian continents. The PowerPoint template is a modern and reusable selection of Middle East maps. Create comprehensive and meaningful presentations using Middle East Map Template for PowerPoint.

This PowerPoint template is ideal for reports requiring a blank map of Middle East.
It is perfect for travel reports. Tourism and navigation are perfect concepts that can be associated to the design as well. Geography studies can utilize the layout. History presentations about the area are ideal topics.

Middle East extends around the shores of the Arabian Peninsula and Mediterranean Sea. It was originally labeled as Near East. The term “Middle East” was only applied after World War II as addressed by the British command in Egypt. The scope of the region is yet unsettled to this day. Greece is sometimes included in the following countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Oman, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab, Emirates, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Cyprus.

Borders between countries are clearly shown. The icons above the map can be used to label a particular purpose. The first slide display landmark markers and a world map on the bottom right side. The markers can be utilized to pinpoint on a country. The user can enter labels just beside the marker icon. In the second slide, the presenter can find airplane clipart above the map. These can highlight airport locations. The 4th slide display pins with bus, airplane, car and ship icons. A corresponding color legend is available on the sides. Finally, the last slide features a colored map of the Middle East.

Illustrate Middle East maps with strong visuals using Middle East Map Template for PowerPoint. Asia Map Template for PowerPoint showcases the Asian continent and is downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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