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PANTS Meeting Framework Template
PANTS Meeting Framework
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PANTS Meeting Framework - Notes Slide
PANTS Framework Tasks Slide Template
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Create the presentation for Meetings with PANTS Framework PowerPoint Template to make it well-structured. The PANTS is a to-the-point presentation framework for meetings that can accommodate all the points in a nutshell. It is an acronym for Purpose, Agenda, Notes, Tasks, and Share. This PPT template is a simplified compilation of the PANTS framework. It can especially be helpful in online meetings and longer-duration meetings. It helps to engage the audience and keep them on track. Professionals of every field can utilize this layout to promote the efficacy of their meetings.

The slides of Meetings with PANTS Framework PowerPoint Template are in a tabulated format, i.e., the visual slides are divided into five vertical columns. Each column represents one segment of PANTS and contains 1- a distinct color, 2- the representative capital letter and name label of the segment, 3- a metaphoric icon 4- an editable text area for adding points. These headings can be used to present the following topics:

  • Purpose: The purpose statement is a mission statement for the meeting. It will answer the queries of why this meeting? And what is it worth the attendees’ time?
  • Agenda: The agenda is defined as a set of leading points that elaborates the proceeding of the meeting and key points of discussion.
  • Notes: Notes are those crux points taken out of the whole discussion and made easier for understanding and advising the further conclusions like tasks.
  • Tasks: The tasks are the fundamental goal of any meeting. The proper assignment of various tasks is done using this header.
  • Share: This section facilitates those who are unable to attend the meeting. So, this segment is meant to prepare something shareable and must circulate wherever it hasn’t reached yet. It can include tasks, guidelines, etc.

The first slide of the template shows all the headings in a colorful table. But, on the following slides, each section is color-highlighted one by one. For instance, the Purpose column is shown colored on the second slide while the rest are greyed. Professionals can thus elaborate on each section with more focus. The PANTS framework template is 10% editable, and users can change anything according to the requirements. Hence, download the template and optimize your business presentations!

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