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The Manufacturing Pull vs Push PowerPoint Template is a strategic model presentation for logistics and supply chain concepts. The companies dealing with supply chain management can present workflow as push or pull scenarios. However, this push and pull strategy is also a useful marketing tool. Walmart, for example, uses Push-Push strategy for both supply chain and marketing. This template provides two slides to explain a concept of push and pull in strategic model of supply and demand. It contains three slides comparing these two terms in first template as overview and display separate visual models afterwards.

The Manufacturing Pull vs Push PowerPoint Template is a visual illustration of product development and distribution. Because it displays an assembly line of warehouses, stock shelves, workstation, and transportation. The arrow lines assist presenter to explain this model through direction of process flow. Furthermore, the shapes and elements of manufacturing line are flat vector editable objects. Therefore, users can add, delete, or duplicate these objects along with other customization features. Such as, recolor, resize, or shape effects.

Both push and pull manufacturing models are different way to deliver same outcome i.e. different supply and demand strategies. For example, in push strategy, the work flows from manufacturers to consumers through wholesalers or retailers. Whereas, in pull, the customer survey comes first. The customer reaches out to retailers for demand of a product which goes into manufacturer’s backlog.

This manufacturing strategy PowerPoint of Push vs Pull can assist professionals working in supply-chain, sales & marketing, or educational institutes. Since graphics of this PowerPoint enhance visibility of informative slides, it will familiarize audience with manufacturing and marketing model. Basically, company decides on push or pull system to include in manufacturing strategic planning. And, this PowerPoint is one way to present or brainstorm on possibilities with team members.

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