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Amazingly Customized 5 level Funnel Diagram
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Layered Inverted Funnel Diagram is a 5 level funnel diagram, created with 3D PowerPoint Shapes, ideal for visualizing the sales conversion data of your prospects, but also help in explaining the sales team of your company where they need to improve while communicating with the management.  This professionally assembled PowerPoint Funnel Diagram Template will make your presentations crisp and informative while giving more power, visual appeal and quality to your message. This funnel chart presentation can be used to clarify the different phases of a sales/purchase process or check the proficiency of your company’s marketing strategy. The 3D Funnel diagram template has 5 ready-to-use slides thus offering complete customization. In this manner, you can edit this sales/marketing/purchase funnel without breaking a sweat and simply the way you need. The 5 level Funnel Diagram allow modifications as per your needs by including content at the most suitable level. Your presentation with Funnel analysis will leave an impression on the audience.

This 3D Funnel diagram or chart type shows values in their consistently decreasing degrees. At the end of the day, it delineates the dynamic reduction occurring in the data when it passes through a few phases in a sequence. Owing to this sequence, a 5 level Funnel Diagram is the most ideal approach to exhibit a process that can said to be beginning at 100% however ending with lowing in percentage or amount finally falling down to the minimum. The PowerPoint Funnel Diagram Template offered here is the most popular tool for analyzing the proficiency of marketing and sales processes and strategies.

A few common levels in sales funnel include –

  1. Unqualified prospects
  2. First discussion
  3. Development and presentation of the solution
  4. Customer evaluation followed by the negotiation
  5. Verbal agreement and/or written agreement
  6. Finally delivery and payment.

In spite of the fact that this is the basic level structure in a sales funnel, it is not by any means the only way that the sales processes or strategies can be planned. There are different stages for different businesses.

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