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The LAER Model PowerPoint Template is a visual presentation of customer-supplier relationship concepts. This template presents a wide collection of graphics and diagrams to describe LAER model. There are 12 slides with multiple process flow diagrams and data charts to provide a mental image of all the steps involved. This presentation will help the audience to better understand LAER model concept. While high-quality graphics and colorful icons will have a lasting impact, enabling audience to remember concepts.

LAER stands for Land, Adapt, Expand, and Renew. These are the four distinct customer life cycle objectives since the buying experience has evolved over the years. The customer focus has shifted from buying more features to improved business outcomes. Therefore, business model of LAER promotes growing customers strategy as “landing” process.

These stages include:

  • Land: A ground for all sales and marketing activities to turn prospects into customers – this is where customers “land”
  • Adapt: It involves all the activities to ensure customers are utilizing product/service to its full potential and adapting system environment.
  • Expand: The processes which can help current customer to effectively expand their spending as usage increase. It will encourage existing customers to add on more products or services from suppliers.
  • Renew: Lastly, provide a satisfactory solution to ensure customer renew the contract with convincing business results.

The LAER Model PowerPoint Template offers several process flow diagram designs. These include horizontal four and 6 steps diagram with additional two stages i.e. Discover and Learn. It further include a cover timeline infographic slides, 6 steps process cycle, and resource allocation model. The four slides of resource allocation for LAER model are an ideal presentation tool featuring TSIA’s customer lifecycle objectives.

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