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The Know Think Feel Do PowerPoint Template is a graphical presentation of business strategy and communication model. This is a generic PowerPoint template which can assists the professionals of every industry in explaining their communication processes. Although, the businesses face many challenges where the process of interaction becomes a barrier. Therefore, companies invest on fundamental principle of Know, Think, Feel and Do. The Know Think Feel Do PowerPoint is a template to discuss the marketing concept of target audience. With the advancement of technology and number of social media platforms, the total experience of customers is hard to achieve. Therefore, the marketers require communication methodologies to target customers. For example, the branding content, offers, products information should be available to present the desirable customer experience to all platforms. Below is the brief description of Know Think Feel Do model:

Know: Finding the reasons behind new or updating communication processes
Think: Gather information and conclude the needs. Get the insight on what is critical for development and improvement.
Feel: Understand what may help get the attention of the audience.
Do: Lastly, create the business presence across multiple channels for total experience.

Putting all this together; the try out new things, first decide what is known, take the insights. Next, recognize how to feel about and execute the plan which will produce results.

The Know Think Feel Do PowerPoint Template is an infographic set of slides providing two design versions of presentation. These are the circular and rectangular page shop PowerPoint icons to present each term of the model template. However, there are four slides to focus on each of four terms individually. The infographic presenting Know has question mark, Think with frequency graph, Feel-heart symbol and Do with triangular play symbol. Further, the individual slides have a unique two contents layout design of infographics and text placeholders.

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