Jane Tug of War PowerPoint Template

Female Cartoon Pulling the Rope for PowerPoint with Dollar Sign Clipart
Three Female Cartoon Pulling the Rope with Textboxes Below
Jane Tug of War PowerPoint Slide Design
Jane Tug of War in the City Clipart for PowerPoint
Female Cartoon Playing Tug of War for PowerPoint

Jane Tug of War PowerPoint Template is another variant of pulling the rope template for PowerPoint presentation featuring a female cartoon character (Jane) that you can use to make business slides personified style. This PowerPoint template design contains useful slides of Jane pulling the rope or playing Tug of War and let you make presentation slides where you need to show opposing ideas or opposing forces during a PowerPoint presentation.

The first slide shows female cartoon characters pulling a 3D dollar sign shape and you can use this slide to make a presentation where the goal or objectives are to attract more investors or look for additional revenue channels in a business or operating unit.

Deliver an impressive business statement in just a few of these creative templates for PowerPoint. These editable images for PowerPoint give a powerful summary of ideas that allow better comprehension from your audience. These models tell the whole story of your concept presented in the least amount of words. It saves a lot of time, creates focus, enhances audience comprehension and most especially eliminates boredom.

This professional PowerPoint business designs is useful for illustrating Supply and Demand, Quality versus Quantity, Customer satisfaction versus Profit, Customer relations versus product quality, Maximizing profitability versus reducing costs and many more.

There are a lot of business concepts and ideas that needs to be highlighted in a presentation. These concepts can be successfully conveyed using images as metaphors. The old conventional presentation that consists of words in presentations and more words from the host can consume hours but still end with a clueless audience. As a presenter who is able to convert all these words and capture its idea in a few PowerPoint slide is a dream come true for both you and your audience. This design gives you that opportunity. Your audience will quickly grasp the main concept of your presentation without having to listen and stare at plain texts. Indeed, images can paint a thousand words.


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