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iOS Style PowerPoint Background Template – Create professional presentations with a full featured PowerPoint template that will impress your audiences. Created with flat design shapes and data driven charts, the iOS Style PowerPoint Background Template is a full stack tool for corporate presentations. Ideal for quarterly review meetings, or project status reports, the user can present different sides of the topics with multiple purpose slides combined along the same theme.

Using delicate gradient backgrounds, flat design effects and a modern font (Open Sans), users only need to replace the placeholders with their content and data in order to have a high quality presentation. The Open Sans font is embedded within the PowerPoint file. You can also download the font from the Google Web fonts projects and install it in your operating system.

The PowerPoint Template provides the following slide designs:

  1. Data Driven Charts (Bar Charts, Column Charts, Donut Charts, Line Charts) Created with the corresponding themed look and feel.
  2. PowerPoint Icons and Infographics.
  3. Three, Four and Five Steps Diagrams.
  4. Venn Diagram.
  5. Mobile and Desktop Clipart for App showcasing.
  6. SWOT Analysis Template
  7. Team Slides
  8. Timeline and Roadmap
  9. Calendar
  10. Worldmap
  11. Plans and Pricing
  12. Comparison Diagrams and Tables
  13. KPI’s Diagrams

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