Internet of Things PowerPoint Template

The Internet of Things PowerPoint Template – Professional Presentation Template featuring PowerPoint Shapes and PowerPoint Diagrams related to the internet of the things.

Create presentations to answer the question What is the Internet of Things? Technology focus is now placed in the Billions of intelligent and sensing devices connected together with the ability of exchanging data between them. Presenters can apply the PowerPoint shapes provided in this template to explain the concept without the need of paragraphs or bullet points.

In order to deep dive into the Internet of Things concept, the audience needs to understand the three trends which are pillars for its development:

  • Connectivity: Universalization of Internet. Everyone is able to connect to high bandwidth internet through mobile bands or wireless networks.
  • Sensing Devices: Universalization of cheap devices with sensing capabilities. There are sensors for any of the five human senses. As an example, smartphones can sense in which position they are, if the user is looking at them, if the user is speaking to them, how fast the user is moving and where in the world it is placed. Add this sense capabilities to additional more sophisticated sensor that can tell smells and flavor aside.
  • Computational Power: Not only today’s devices (like smartphones) have the same computational power of IBM’s 80’s computers of the size of a room, but any device is able to access additional computational power through the Cloud and its virtual services.

To improve the presentation and show the audience the growth of the internet of things, the presenter can show statistics through charts and infographics provided in the Internet of Things PowerPoint Template.

Finally, the presenter needs to describe applications of the internet of things. Using the provided clipart users can describe smart homes, smart bands, self driving cars, industrial robots and even their application for in industrial chains as food or logistics.

Impress your audience with a modern presentations featuring the future in devices and their capabilities.

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