Inbound Sales Strategy Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Inbound Sales Strategy Diagram for Presentation
PowerPoint Slide Template for Inbound Sales Strategy Presentation

Customize our Inbound Sales Strategy Diagram Template for PowerPoint and discuss your strategy with teams. Inbound selling is a process that initiates when potential leads reach out to know about the brand/company and its product. It is different from outbound selling concerning the marketing methodology, i.e., in outbound sales, cold calling or emails are used to create interest among random groups. In contrast, inbound selling involves people being interested in the service through an advertisement. So, the inbound funnel includes connecting with the leads and advising them about the services by exploring their needs. This PowerPoint template is a horizontal flow diagram showing the stages of the inbound sales process. 

The Inbound Sales Strategy Diagram Template for PowerPoint is a one-pager slide design in two background color variations. This PowerPoint design shows an array of five circular shapes having distinct colors representing the steps of the inbound funnel:

  • Strangers (Identify): People get in touch with the marketing posts and get interested in buying the product or service and leave contact details 
  • Leads (Connect): The leads are generated, and agents call on to reach out and ask about their requirements
  • Qualified leads (Explore): Leads that show more interest are provided with more details and options
  • Opportunities (Advise): the sales teams advise the leads according to their need.
  • Customers: The leads are converted to customers if they get convinced by that advice.

A rectangular boundary surrounds these circular shapes, with compartments around each shape. Users can add relevant descriptions with every step accordingly. Professionals can use this PPT diagram in their inbound strategy presentation to improve their marketing channels and demonstrate how they can evolve their actions at every stage. Business executives can also present their company’s strategic vision to their new team members. At the bottom of this diagram, the major actions (awareness, consideration, and decision) are also indicated. Users can edit each section of the Inbound strategy PowerPoint template and make it fit their presentation theme. 

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