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An Impact Radar PowerPoint Template is a concept diagram for holistic impact analysis. The PowerPoint diagram of Impact analysis includes 4 part circular template and 5 part semi-circle diagram. The first diagram of impact radar illustrates a 4 level concentric circle divided into four segments. These four segments represent four critical themes of emerging technologies and trends in Gartner impact radar. These include the Smart World, Productivity Revolution, Ubiquitous and transparent security, and Critical Enablers. On the other hand, the semi-circle radar consists of Society, Technology, Economy, Environment, and Law. Altogether, an impact radar provides an overview of how technologies and trends work together for sustainable development. Users can copy desired impact radar template, depending on the required aspects of the discussion.

The concentric rings in Impact Radar PowerPoint Template represent the range of early to early majority adoption of technology. The circular icons with different colors and sizes depict mass over time. The slides of impact radar also contain two tables with values of group and content with varying codes of color. It is easier to present a comprehensive overview of impact categories with the help of color codes and sizes of shapes. Take an example of technology impact radar; the diagram can demonstrate the substantial impact of the latest technology on existing products and markets. Alternatively, you can download other radar chart slides for presentations.

The Gartner Impact Radar in PowerPoint is suitable for growth planning and business opportunity presentations. The intelligent world column highlights the changing trends of how people interact with the world around them. Productivity revolution presents new technology and extended computing ability. Ubiquitous and transparent security is related to ethics and production in a digital world. The critical enablers include the forces that bring technologies and trends together.

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