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3 Steps Lightbulb Core Concept Ideas
Presentation of 4 Steps Lightbulb Ideas
Presentation of 3 Steps Lightbulb Ideas
Presentation of 5 Steps Lightbulb Ideas
PowerPoint Core 3 Steps Idea Template
PowerPoint 4 Steps Diagram Lightbulb Ideas
PowerPoint 3 Steps Diagram Lightbulb Ideas
PowerPoint 5 Steps Diagram Lightbulb Ideas

This PowerPoint presentation template features variations of a core concept represented by a light bulb and three to five related elements stemming from the central concept. There are eight slides in this presentation, which consist of four different diagrams with both light and dark backgrounds.

Professionals can use this presentation template to illustrate a variety of ideas and brainstorm-related concepts. Students and individuals can also use this template for a variety of needs, from book reports, to school presentations. Use these diagrams whenever there is a central idea that leads to secondary ideas.

The light bulb presentation features a simple style that is easily applied to any subject. The main diagram is a central light bulb and either three, four, or five related components branching from the center. A simple lightbulb illustration is located at the center of each diagram. Notable icons include a head with a puzzle piece taken out of it, a scope icon, a computer screen, and a checklist. All slides feature a lavender core concept with pale yellow branching icons. Half of the slide templates have a dark blue background with white text while the other half feature a white background with black text.

If you’re in the need to present the results of a brainstorm or ideating session, use these light bulb core concept presentation slides. They can be used alone or added to presentations made in PPT or Google Slides. Remember, all text fields, colors, and graphics can be edited and duplicated to make sure your presentation turns out exactly how you imagined. This versatile presentation template can be applied to any theme or subject.

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