Hierarchy of Control PowerPoint Template

Risk Management and Control Template

The Hierarchy of Control PowerPoint Template is a pyramid shape slide layout to present risk concepts. A one slide PowerPoint contains five-level hierarchy for least to most effective controls in upwards direction. This is a risk identification and mitigation model, developed by NIOSH for the implementation of safer system. The hierarchy of control PowerPoint shows five phases with downwards arrow on left side. This arrow displays the direction of most to least effective strategies of safety and control procedures. Further, the phases of pyramid are flat vector shapes providing set of controls set by NIOSH. These include:

  • Elimination: Remove a cause of problem
  • Substitution: Replace a procedure or machine with an alternative
  • Engineering Controls: Isolate people from the risky situation
  • Administrative controls: Physical changes like redesigning machines and the way people work
  • PPE: Personal protective equipment– Provide safety devices like gloves, helmets etc.

The Hierarchy of Control PowerPoint Template is a simple graphical layout to describe a risk management model. This model shows risk elimination, prevention, and mitigation controls designed for avoiding occupational hazards. Like in mining, construction of buildings, and security provider companies etc. This pyramid shape hierarchy of control enables the professionals to set out organizational safety policies and procedure. Because identifying and eliminating hazards is difficult and sometimes impossible.

It is an editable PowerPoint pyramid template diagram with text placeholders on right side to add useful information. The pyramid diagram displays priorities by showing the area length of each level. For example, the elimination phase, which is the most effective control, has wider hierarchy level. The slide shows colorful segments of 5 step hierarchy of control model. But users can edit color and make gradient effect using different shades.

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