Guiding Principles Slide Template for PowerPoint

Concentric Circles Diagram for Guiding principles
Infographic Slide Template for Guiding Principles
Colored Editable PPT Diagram for Guiding Principles Presentation
Editable Concentric Circles for Guiding Principles
Infographic PPT Template for Guiding Principles
PPT Slide Template for Guiding Principles Presentation
5 Steps PPT Diagram Onion Layers
PPT Diagram Guiding Principles 5 Steps

The Guiding Principles Slide Template for PowerPoint is a creative template having variable design layouts for presenting guiding principles. Guiding principles of an organization, team or institute define a code of conduct for its workers irrespective of their goals, duties, or situations. Generally, companies operate on the guidelines provided by ITIL (a systemized model to enhance operations and business value). Using the circular diagrams and other infographics, presenters can represent their guiding principles before employees or executives.

This PowerPoint template has three different layouts, each available in two color combinations. The first one is an onion diagram with concentric circles, where each of the layers represents individual guiding principles. The chart is made attractive by giving a distinct color for every layer. Four bars emerge from the concentric circles that have replaceable graphic icons and description boxes. The core component of this diagram has a notepad icon that visually denotes the guidelines.

The following slides have a circular shape in the center to mention the title. 3D style colored layers originate from the core element to mention the guiding principles. Users can add relevant details and graphic icons for each of the mentioned points. The next slides are the color variants of the previous designs. Our Guiding Principles Slide Template for PowerPoint is 100% editable. Thus, users can easily customize the slides for their professional presentations.

Hence, we can support your business or company presentations through this engaging PowerPoint template to brief your own set of guiding principles. Professionals from any domain can choose these slides to incorporate into their presentations. The customization of this slide template will require minimum steps. Further, it is compatible with editing with all major versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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