Growth Tree Metaphor PowerPoint Timeline

The Growth Tree Metaphor PowerPoint Timeline represents the growth phases of business using the plant growth timeline concept diagram. This template combines nature and digital infographics to show the stages of growth at different times. The growth diagrams feature gradient coloring and shadow effects which enhance the overall look of the slides. This presentation deck mainly comprises seven different slides, which are also available in a dark background color and making possible for professionals to reuse their slides in other presentations. Professionals can classify their business growth events using visual slides with nature growth metaphors.

The growth concept is depicted through the plant metaphor with a variable number of leaves, i.e.:

  • The plant metaphor in red color represents the initial stage of growth
  • In orange color, the plant infographic shows the second phase of growth
  • Likewise, the plant visuals with three and four leaves show the later phases of business growth and are colored green as a symbol of profit and achievements

After the first slide, the following slides display each tree metaphor one by one. These slides have a meter rule graduated from one to ten. The dotted line connects the length of the tree to a specific measurement of the meter. This measuring effect helps statistically present the growth phase, i.e., the audience can get a direct idea from this infographic representation. The meter rule dotted line rises with each passing stage. Presenters can mention other details like the year, description of covered milestones, or facts and figures using the editable text areas on each growth metaphor timeline slide. Users can also add a relevant title in the space provided inside the leaves.

Next to this individual representation of tree metaphors, another slide cumulatively shows all the four infographics arranged along with the meter rule. Presenters are also provided with a descriptive slide in this Growth Tree Metaphor PowerPoint Timeline. They can showcase the important points, e.g., achievements along the fourth stage tree metaphor. Hence, this growth metaphor roadmap template can facilitate business professionals to display their business success stories engagingly. All the template slides are entirely editable using all major versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Alternatively, you can download other growth slides for presentations.

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