Gagne Nine Events of Instruction Diagram

Presentation Template of Gagnes Nine Events

The Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction Diagram is a learning PowerPoint template. This learning framework is an instructional design because everyone has a different learning style. Therefore, the institutes require some process to present information in a way that trainees can learn effectively. This diagram template contains one slide of segmented circular diagram with infographic icons. The diagram of Gagne’s nine events depicts the circular color pallet for paints with additional gradient effect in 9 segments. Further, infographic icons are visual representation of Gagne’s nine events of instruction. These include:

  1. Gain Attention – Tossing basket over student to gain attention
  2. Inform Learners of Objectives – Light bulb human head icon to inform students of objectives
  3. Prior Learning – Users discussion to recall past knowledge
  4. Present Content – Presentation slideshow to display details of content
  5. Provide Guidance – User communication and information transfer i.e. learning guidance
  6. Practice – Examining skills for elicit performance
  7. Provide Feedback – Writing review on paper
  8. Assess Performance – Analysis checklist
  9. Enhance Retention and Transfer to the Job – Conversation

The PowerPoint template of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction Diagram shows circle shape in middle of all 9 segments. This is the core of Gagne’s model that will provide step-by-step instructions on effective learning. The diagram can help users to create a structure of training and deliver learning opportunities in an appealing and colorful presentation slide. Furthermore, 9-steps circular model is multi-purpose and suitable for all type of learning.

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