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The Four Concentric Circles PowerPoint Diagram is a 4-step template for presenting business models. An example of application of this flexible diagram is the Ernest Burgess’s theory of social structure in urban areas. The model has central business district in the middle and rings defining several concentric zones. These include, factory, working class, residential and commuter etc. Therefore, the four concentric circles PowerPoint diagram is ideal for demonstrating this incredible human ecology theory distribution of social groups. It is a creative presentation of useful PowerPoint shapes join to make a concentric circles diagram. For example, the users can group and ungroup the shapes like oval and rectangle, change their size and colors etc. Further, create more concentric segments by adding more ovals and rectangles and adjust according to the diagram.

The Four Concentric Circles PowerPoint Diagram is helpful in presenting independent processes simultaneously, working to achieve specific target. Here, every circular segment has its separate outcome. These circular segments of diagram contain placeholders to specify their purpose and outcomes. Furthermore, the numbering of concentric circles in PowerPoint diagram template assists the presenter to display information in sequence. The template of circular PowerPoint diagram is resourceful business tool for displaying business and project presentations. For instance, explaining a business model to company’s stakeholders showing independent processes. Moreover, a project presentation showing scrum and sprints.

The PowerPoint concentric circles are 6 slides with layout for a four segments diagram. These slides contain a text placeholder section to add important details about the presentation. These subsequent slides of concentric circles diagram template enable viewers to concentrate on single unit of model per slid. Therefore, aiding as strong visual impact of easy to read diagram presentation. It is an ideal diagram template where presenter needs to describe concentric models like core of earth. Moreover, it can help demonstrate number of topics from business to social and research science.

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