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The Flip a Coin PowerPoint Template is a decision making and probability concept PowerPoint. There are two sides to a coin called heads and tails. This template provides PowerPoint shapes of coin’s heads & tails side and illustration of hand flipping a coin. These slides could be used as a visual metaphor for the occurrence of toss. Coin tossing is the practice of throwing a coin in the air to make a decision based on which side appears face-up. While tossing, one party calls heads or tails and the other party is automatically assigned to the opposite side. Flipism is the term introduced where decisions are made by flipping a coin.

The practice of coin-flipping can be seen mostly in football and other 2-team games. The referee tosses a coin while two team captains call it heads or tails. This technique is also used to resolve disputes between two parties. The chances of getting heads or tails are 50/50 (fifty fifty). It is a random decision when you cannot decide between two options called aleatory uncertainty. The PowerPoint templates of coin flipping will help visualize similar decision-making actions using it as 50/50 metaphor. On the other hand, science reveals that can actually be a great way of making decisions. For instance, when coin toss gives you choice A and you feel uneasy about the selections, choice B is probably the right way to go.

Flip a Coin PowerPoint Template is the best way to educate students about concepts of probability and decision making. The PowerPoint shapes of coins and hand tossing a coin will help create an engaging lesson to maximize attention of the audience. All graphics of flip a coin templates are easy to customize shapes. You can change the PowerPoint background, shape colors, and sizes that suit your presentation theme.

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