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Flat Hand Shapes & Mobile Devices for PowerPoint

Flat Hand Shapes & Mobile Devices for PowerPoint– a compilation of flat PowerPoint shapes of hand-held gadgets. Mobile devices like cellphones and tablets are featured in the PowerPoint template. It is designed with creative slides for modern presentations. Flat Hand Shapes & Mobile Devices for PowerPoint can surely stimulate understanding and active participation.

The slide designs are perfect for business presentations. It can accompany social media reports and and develop a digital divide report. The devices can symbolize innovation and mobility. The concept of accessibility is applicable to the PowerPoint template as well. The user can emphasize it as one of the top benefits of having mobile devices. It is best for sales, marketing, or management of these particular products. Technology is also an ideal topic for this particular layout. The presenter can even deliver a tutorial using the set of slides.

There are 9 unique slides on the template. The slides display flat hands with formal suit sleeve edges. This makes an impression of formality. It can also symbolize a businessman or a professional. The hands deliver gestures- pointing on text boxes, holding the device or touching the phone’s screen. These give focus to important point that the user is trying to highlight. The second slide for example, displays a hand clicking at the orange text placeholder. The presenter can enter the subject in that tab and further elaborate. The colorful backgrounds contrast the neutral colors of the hands and devices. The objects can be quickly modified using PowerPoint shapes menu. Everything is fully customisable including fonts and color scheme.

Technically, handheld or mobile devices weigh below 2 pounds. They come with a screen and mini keyboard. They are drafted to be portable. There are many kinds of mobile devices. They can be touch-sensitive screen like the android powered ones. There are also laptops or desktop which are pretty traditional.

Get creative with Flat Hand Shapes & Mobile Devices for PowerPoint. Download Flat Hand Concepts Template for PowerPoint from SlideModel gallery.

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