Flat 3D Cube Stairs Diagram for PowerPoint

Produce a creative 4-step process with the Flat 3D Cube Stairs Diagram for PowerPoint. Entice the audience with an unconventional way of presenting ladder diagrams. The presentation can be used in all types of business reports and marketing presentations.

The PowerPoint template uses a set of 4 cubes, with one appearing to float above the other. The surface of the cubes are connected to each other by small ladder drawings. It presents a metaphor of moving upward from each stage to the next.

The presenter can emphasize the importance of completing the preceding stage before moving on to the next. This is vital in making sure that each stage is done efficiently and effectively. The stack metaphor can also be used to show that poor performance in the first initial steps of the process can cause the entire operation to collapse, despite the good execution of the latter parts.

Highlighted in the slides are individual cubes at different levels. This allows the presenter to focus on each step. The different logistics metaphors of each stage can be elaborated on the preceding slides. In this way, the presenter can effectively show the details of the process, allowing the audience to better understand their purpose in the entire procedure.

The PowerPoint presentation can be used for common corporate procedures such as the processing of ideas from marketing teams. The presenter can show the flow of information and ideas, using the cubes as representatives of the different levels of management. The presentation can be started at the bottom, to represent the team itself. The next cube can then represent the team leader or manager. The next can symbolize the supervisory head, and finally, the top can represent the management in charge of overall approval for budget and logistics.

Ideal for marketing pitches and orientations, the Flat 3D Cube Stairs Diagram for PowerPoint is 100% customizable. It can be used for a variety of presentation types, ranging from human resource procedures to customer evaluations. The PowerPoint template contain PowerPoint objects which can be edited and modified to suit the presenter’s specifications.

The presenter can also opt to download other PowerPoint templates from the Gallery, such as the 7 Stage Process Flow Diagram for PowerPoint.

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