Editable Mintzberg Strategy Bridge PowerPoint Diagram

The Editable Mintzberg Strategy Bridge PowerPoint Diagram is a strategic thinking model for a long-term company success. Although the strategic planning is company’s assessment of impact. The thinking strategies are the decisions made by individuals with narrow target. In the strategic management system, the decisions influence overall direction of company which are produced by everyone’s critical reasoning. The Mintzberg enables the standardization of work processes, outputs, skills and norms. The game of chess is the best example of strategic thinking. It is a series of following perspectives:

  1. Looking ahead and behind – Focus on big picture, forecast, but remember the lessons of past which led to current state
  2. Look above and below – take an overview from top, grasp the vision as whole and note the important skills. Find the root cause, identify the necessary resources and skills.
  3. Seeing beside and through – Look beside is lateral thinking, become creative and challenge the ideas. Whereas, though systematic plan and implement the vision.

Use this Editable Mintzberg Strategy Bridge PowerPoint Diagram for making an organizational framework to improve business strategy. The slide of PowerPoint shows suspension bridge figure like a hoover dam. The 6 components of model appear in text placeholders and chevron shapes for directions. The eye catching visual of template contains fish icons in water, green sides show land area around bridge. This PowerPoint has range of editable objects which are reusable. For instance, the bridge, fish and plants in water, arrow shapes. Also, change the properties of elements in the editable templates. Such as, customize colors, size, font or layout. Additionally, make copies of this slide of its elements to describe perspectives one at a time.

Additionally, the template can also be used as a Before After Bridge concept to describe Before & After situations.

Hence, the Mintzberg Strategy Bridge is a model to understand the situation by taking all sides in consideration. Find the roots or basics from where to make the right decisions. The decision which leads to a strategic planning in time.

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