Economic Analysis Data Dashboard for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Data Driven Charts over Globalization Background

Impress corporate audiences with the information found on the Economic Analysis Data Dashboard for PowerPoint. The slide design acts a hub of information ranging from graphs, charts, to visual models. The amount of data on this slide is ideal for providing an overview for a complex collection of facts in any business presentation which needs to be handled later as a deck.

Economic analysis is a comprehensive method of determining the economic status of a particular area. This information is useful for the management teams for global business plans, as it lets them to track the state of the region representing their target market. It can be used by marketing professionals to determine the degree of advertising efforts and their corresponding results in a specific area.

The information presented in the slide can be shown through balloon pins, text boxes, pie charts, and line graphs. The combined forces of these graphs and charts allow for a thorough and extensive data analysis. By correlating these different types of information, the presenter can highlight the relationships of certain aspects, such as sales, to another, such as customer demographic. The pie charts can reflect the market share of different company products for public consumption. The line graphs can be used in the presentation of sales in different regions, so that the team can determine the areas that should be put into the plan’s focus.

The slide is divided into segments by long white lines. The center segment contains an irregular presentation of a world map. It contains squares which mark specific areas of the world. Corresponding text boxes translate this information into tables. Beside the world map feature is a set of four pie charts, arranged vertically. These have a color scheme involving red, white, and black. Five line graphs in the bottom segment reflect this same color scheme.

Suitable for comprehensive analysis models, the Economic Analysis Data Dashboard for PowerPoint and its design are created in high definition graphics. Any modification will not have any effect on the image resolution. The presenter can download other data analysis PowerPoint templates from the SlideModel Gallery.

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