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Dual Coding Theory PowerPoint Template

Present the effects of multiple stimuli on our brain information processing using the Dual Coding Theory PowerPoint Template. The PowerPoint layout contains creative flowchart slides with unique infographics and shapes. These elements increase the impact of dual concept theory presentation. Dual concept theory is a cognition concept that states that the mind processes information better and stores it in long-term memory when it receives multiple stimuli for the same data. Our template is editable, and users can modify the shapes and other PPT features based on their requirements. 

The first slide of the Dual Coding Theory PowerPoint Template has a flowchart diagram with two arrow lines. The flowchart diagrams have various infographics and shapes to depict different components of the dual coding theory. The upper layers show aspects of non-verbal information, such as picture visuals. In comparison, the lower flowchart section illustrates the components of verbal coding. Also, we have used eye and ear graphical elements to help presenters showcase the points visually. At the third level of short-term working memory, a double arrowhead is used between the headings of verbal and nonverbal processings to depict the connection and integration of both types of information processing as dual coding. In the fourth stage, both arrow diagrams unite to illustrate knowledge storage in the brain’s long-term memory. The whole diagram has four levels:

  • Stimulus 
  • Senses 
  • Working Memory 
  • Long-term Memory 

The second slide shows a human head silhouette encircled by a blue region. Two arrows point towards the silhouette, showing the reception of visual and verbal stimuli. In the third slide, we have provided editable text boxes and other diagrams to showcase the data visually. The last slide is similar to the first, but the flowchart is provided in a vertical format. Download our modern concept diagram template and customize it today! Also, check our complete gallery of best PowerPoint templates.

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