DeDraff’s Competing Values Diagram for PowerPoint

Produce a simple yet professional leadership model using DeDraff’s Competing Values Diagram for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint design ideal for conflict management contains different colors which makes all points easier to remember. The arrows also give a directional feel on the report which provides a clear picture of the course.

Competing Values Leadership (CVL) is expressed in the framework. It is a unique approach to analysing diversity. First, the user can enter the strength and weaknesses of an individual. Those differences are compared and contrasted to come up with a meaningful conclusion. Lastly, the conclusions are applied to leadership or management concepts. Some applications are in work environment and effective team construction. The edge of CVL from other models is that it is flexible and has a wide scale. It is described to be a sense-maker and a source of new ideas. Its success is shown by its worldwide use by many organizations.

The PowerPoint template has 3 slides. Each slide contains the CVL diagram in a shaded white background. The diagram is designed to analyse one person at a time. The diagram has 3 inner circles arranged to look like a target. The innermost part is where the person’s name is keyed in. The second circle is for the person’s qualities that are relevant to the titles that surround the framework. The person’s purpose can is to be put in the last circle. The four text placeholders in some slides can be used for infographic descriptions.

The slide design is ideal for personality tests and organizational leadership. However, it can also be applied to many business and psychological concepts. Sizes and colors are 100% customizable. The text placeholders can be edited as well. All these will help the presenter have a control over the total package of the report.

Impress your audience with DeDraff’s Competing Values Diagram for PowerPoint. Other circular diagrams are available for download at the SlideModel gallery.

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