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A presentation of problem-solving tool, Cynefin Framework PowerPoint Templates is central to cognitive edge method. The model is designed for decision makers to understand relationship between cause and effects of certain situation and respond promptly. It helps managers to analyze behavior from different viewpoints, identify opportunities and find solutions in real-time. It can not only help make better decisions, but cross check with other possibilities and problems which may arise and avoid them by implementing a suitable management style fitting all scenarios. The executive decision makers understand that problem solving has no “silver bullet” technique fit for every category. The actions are based on following an approach appropriate for changing circumstances.

The Cynefin Framework PowerPoint Templates is a professional presentation template containing tow variation of Cynefin decision making approach. The diagram is designed in PowerPoint shapes is editable, enabling users to modify and add more domains within one framework. The second slide gives an illustrative demonstration of additional customization to model. The text placeholders can be used to present highlighted subject pointers.

This Cynefin concept aids in accurate analysis of situation and develop an appropriate plan. The Cynefin framework is usable in all the circumstances where decision making is built on human response such as corporate strategy, development and marketing. The Cynefin model has 5 domains structured to define cause and effect relationship within a framework. The four cross sectioned areas are – Simple(obvious), Complicated, Complex and Chaotic. The fifth; disorder, identifies which one of the four contexts required maximum attention.

  1. Simple (Obvious) – Best Practices: Universally identified problems with evident solutions.
  2. Complicated – Good Practices: Requires expert knowledge to tackle known unknows.
  3. Complex – Emergent Solutions: This domain evaluates unknown unknows, determining further decisions by gathering more knowledge.
  4. Chaotic – Novel Solutions: This is where immediate corrective measures are necessary. In this domain, first, control the damage and then move the problem to another domain and mitigate risks.
  5. Disorder – Middle Space: To identify and move the problem to one of four domains mentioned above.

The Cynefin Framework PowerPoint Templates is a fit not only at the managerial level where complex decision making is involved but also useful for researchers, developers and marketers. The idea is to find an approach for the set of affairs to achieve optimal results.

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