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Demonstrate the essential pain points your customers face at various touch-points of your business using our Customer Pain Points PowerPoint Template. Pain points are the problems that may hinder the ideal sales process. Thus, professionals consider these flaws before time to improve their customer service strategy. For dealing systemically with these customer pain points, they can be divided into four main classes. Our pain points template features a layout to discuss these pain point classes individually and organizes the diverse information into similar sets for interpretation. The representative PowerPoint icons further add value to the meaningful expression of the idea.

The first slide of this template shows four square sections, each having the presentation icon and title of the pain points group. In contrast, the following slides display a rectangular text box, the graphic icon, and the description area, where users can add the details. The four listed groups of the pain points are:

  • Process: The process pain points refer to issues in dealing with the system, i.e., complicated buying process, lack of adequate knowledge or experience of the sales teams, etc.
  • Financial: Such issues are faced when the cost of provided service exceeds the promised range. This pain point results in inconsistent customer experience and impacts the value proposition.
  • Support: Another concern for the prospects and buyers is a strong support team. But, people often encounter the support pain points of delayed support response or even the non-availability of the support team.
  • Productivity: When the company fails to provide the promised quality, the productivity pain points come into existence. For instance, the productivity pain points are listed as poor quality of products, delayed order completion, and sub-standard items.

So, presenters can discuss a range of possible and experienced business pain points using this Customer Pain Points PowerPoint Template. The unique PowerPoint icons create an attractive look, e.g., the money bag and gear icons for financial and process pain points. The exclamation mark over each symbol symbolizes the in-efficiency of the particular component. The last slide of this template shows the four infographic icons that can be used on any other slide according to the need. You can download and edit this template using Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote.

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