Creative Life Cycle Curve with 3 Phases for PowerPoint

Creative Life Cycle Curve with 3 Phases for PowerPoint– Life cycle is an organizational model and theory that highlight on the birth, growth and death of an organization by Mason Haire. The creative feel in the layout draw professional audiences to attention. It is minimalistic and functional. The effective visuals aid both the presenter and audience to meet in between. Thus, it generates a quality experience.

There are five phases and five stages in an organizational life cycle. The stages are cyclical and can be a repeating occurrence, as follows:

Stage 1 – Existence
Stage 2 – Survival
Stage 3 – Maturity
Stage 4 – Renewal
Stage 5 – Decline

Phases, however, represent the difficulties or development of an organization through time. Each phase starts with an evolution (stability) and ends with a revolution (disturbance). Here are the 5 phases of organizational growth according to Lori Greiner:

Phase 1- Creative expansion to Leadership crisis
Phase 2- Directional expansion to Autonomy crisis
Phase 3- Expansion through delegation to Control crisis
Phase 4- Expansion through coordination to Red tape crisis
Phase 5- Expansion through collaboration

The PowerPoint template is ideal for organizational development presentations. It is perfect for project planning and company orientations. The slide can serve as a supplement to more general reports. It can be a dashboard while the user talks about the status of a company and the possible expansions it can undergo.

The slide design is composed of 3 white rectangular text placeholders. Each PowerPoint shape has a triangle, colored marker on top. The speaker can enter phase or stage titles in it. A curve is featured on the bottom of the objects. It can symbolize the growth, performance or journey of an organization. The flat parts can represent low periods while the peak can metaphor the most productive timeframes.

Creative Life Cycle Curve with 3 Phases for PowerPoint is a smart and strategic approach to any organizational presentation concept. Checkout Product Life Cycle Template for PowerPoint from the SlideModel gallery.

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