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Use the Colorful Origami Design Layout for PowerPoint in a variety of business presentations. The presentation design is a colorful template that can be used to make creative slides with a nice origami style. The origami design gives a unique and visually appealing twist to the presentation to make it more interesting for the audience.

The slides are designed for the presentation of three concepts, as symbolized by icons for a light bulb, networking, and banking. The professional PowerPoint presentation is ideal for the description of a three steps plan. In this case, the lightbulb can stand for the brainstorming session, wherein the important details of the process are created and drafted. The second process, networking, refers to the access of valuable contacts for supplies, logistics, and other needs of the plan. The last, represented by the banking icon, can mean the financing activities themselves. These funds are used to put into motion the different aspects of the project that are in need of assistance.

Using the specific design of the slides, the presenter can show an overview of the three concepts. With the option to show three other slide variations that emphasize one of the three elements by enlarging the origami text box where it is located. In this way, the presenter can focus on one element at a time to ensure that the audience has the proper understanding of the topic.

The slides feature three origami text boxes that are centered. Each text box appears to have been folded to have a pointed tip, resembling a dialog box. The text boxes contain a PowerPoint icon. The remaining slides have one enlarged text box, and two text boxes that are of the same size. The highlighted text box is shown with a placeholder.

Impress all types of professional audiences with the simple and effective Colorful Origami Design Layout for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint objects can be manipulated and customized to suit the specifications of the presentation. The presenter can use other Origami-themed presentation designs, which are downloadable from the SlideModel Gallery.

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