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Cladogram PowerPoint Template

The Cladogram PowerPoint Template is a creative diagram showing the step-by-step arrangement of the species based on their common features and evolutionary relationship. Evolution is a common concept that refers to the gradual changes acquired in organisms over time that is manifested through the appearance of newer species on Earth. This process started billions of years ago and is continuing. Molecular geneticists or scientists who study the DNA or physiological similarities between the organisms perform the phylogenetic analysis to prepare the cladogram. A cladogram is a tree diagram showing the evolution of the organisms from a common ancestor and representing the ancestors at several points represented as nodes. The nodes are indicated by a specie that acquired additional characters to form another organism’s group. This best PPT template shows the cladogram of eukaryotes, starting from the invertebrates to highly specialized primates.

This Cladogram PowerPoint Template is a diagonal tree diagram beginning from eukaryotes’ root node (common ancestor). It includes the organisms such as invertebrates that got vertebrae after years and gave rise to the fishes, which further acquired the four limbs to show up as amphibians. On the lower side of this diagonal line, these characters are mentioned step-wise, while on the other side, the specific groups are mentioned with diagrams of representative organisms. The first slide shows an alternative grey and white shading, while the second slide color highlights each class using distinct color shades which are more prominent. Presenters can add or remove certain words or mention them according to their choice. Likewise, they can add the organism illustrations of their choice. These PowerPoint slides are exceptionally engaging for educational sessions. It can help coaches demonstrate the creation of a cladogram or ancestral hierarchy of the organisms. It can be read in both directions, i.e., from top to bottom based on the similarities and from bottom to top based on dissimilarities. So, download and use this creative cladogram template for your professional and educational presentations!

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