Checkmate Metaphor PowerPoint Template

Chess Board and Chess Pieces Shape Slide
Black and White Checker Board Shape of PowerPoint
Checkmate Metaphor Template of PowerPoint
Decision Making PowerPoint of Chess Game
Business Professional Illustration on Checker Board
Boss and Decision Making Metaphor Slide
Checkmate Metaphor Concept Slide
Chess Pieces and Business Team Template
PowerPoint of Chess Piece Icons
Circular Slide of Checkmate Metaphor

Checkmate Metaphor PowerPoint Template is an awesome slide design of chess game illustrations. The chess game symbolically present business approach, conflict resolution and competitive skills. This checkmate template is ideal for numerous presentations like intellectual games and decision making processes. It is a brilliant way to present goals, objectives, strategic vision and driving tactics. A great tool for teaching chess by making a tutorial presentation for online viewers or present in seminar. Moreover, business competition, risk, change, unbeatable winner, success and leadership using chess metaphors. The chess game is intellectual test that helps improve decision making skills. Therefore, the checker board and chess pieces are an analogy for strategic decisions. For instance, logically analyzing various options, assessing the outcomes and developing valuable plan.

The checkmate metaphor PowerPoint template contains remarkable slides of checker boards with white and black chess pieces. These pieces include shapes of pawns, bishop, queen, king, knight and towers. Although, the editable shapes of PowerPoint let the users move chess pieces around the board to convey significant ideas. Additionally, users can make changes in design and format of template. Such as, customize colors, size, move and rotate shapes. The illustration of men and woman on checker board indicates the minds behind successful planning. The template shows three different color of checker boards. Likewise, the users can make desire color changes to all the PowerPoint elements. There are three circular images of checkmate metaphor easily usable in other presentations. Further, few slides contain text placeholders to add relevant details. These placeholders are passable in other slides by simple copy paste.

The checkmate metaphor generally demonstrates the idea of taking risks. For example, as in the game, there are different tactics to make a move, risking every move. Similarly, in business, making certain moves require thoughtfulness and creative mind to operate within framework. The chess game is known as a warrior’s game who have lives on stake against every move.

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