CATWOE Slide Template for PowerPoint

The CATWOE Slide Template for PowerPoint is a ready-to-use presentation for the CATWOE analysis model. The template contains two layout designs for problem-solving presentations. You can choose slides based on the presentation theme and description of each element in the model. CATWOE stands for Customers, Actors, Transformation, Worldview, Owners, and Environmental constraints. The CATWOE slide template method let users organize their thoughts in six segments. You can present an analysis of all 6 areas using columns or bullet list format in PowerPoint. The colors and clipart icons for CATWOE analysis make the presentation engaging and visually expressive.

CATWOE analysis is a problem solving technique to see the big picture of business. It is useful in situations when you want to understand stakeholders’ perspectives and the impact of changes on business goals. To decide on an idea, analysts use the CATWOE technique for a holistic understanding of different perspectives. This helps integrate solutions that serve all areas of business.

CATWOE Slide Template for PowerPoint is a customizable presentation where you can modify colors, text, icons. The use of large bold letters of the CATWOE analysis concept helps highlight each unit for presentations. You can insert additional slides to discuss each element separately. SlideModel catalog for analysis presentations includes a 7-slide CATWOE infographic diagram template to present each section.

The CATWOE PowerPoint slides are suitable for business analysis and strategy meetings. Business analysts and managers use the CATWOE technique to explain the feasibility and impact of solutions on stakeholders. When launching a physical store, for an eCommerce website, use CATWOE analysis to check the likelihood of success. Use PowerPoint CATWOE template to discuss success in terms of customers, actors, transformation, worldview, owners, and environmental constraints.

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