Business Metaphors PowerPoint Shapes

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  • PPT Template Magnifying Glass Focus Problem Identification
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  • Employee Multitasking Image Metaphor
  • PPT Template Square Box Editable Icon Cluster
  • PPT Shape Piggy Bank Money Saving Figure
  • PPT Template Vector Image of Weight Scale of Balance
  • Security Shield Blue Image PPT Template
  • Internet Connecting and Sharing Devices
  • Financial Growth Running Businessman
  • Measuring Scales Icon Clipart
  • The Settings Metaphor Gears Icons
  • Bait Big Fish Business Term
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  • Radiator Speedometer Metaphor for Efficiency
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  • Cloud Shape with Infographic Icons
  • View of Factory Industry Production Metaphor
  • Silhouette Man in Suit and Tie
  • Tall Buildings Metaphor for Company Location
  • Callout Icons Show Phone Apps
  • Connecting Puzzle Pieces show Integration
  • Statue of Liberty Sea View
  • Creative Brainstorming Presentation Template
  • Blue Leader and Followers Image
  • Man with Loudspeaker and Audience Image

The Business Metaphors PowerPoint Shapes is a selection of creative and professional slide templates. While the focus of this presentation is business terminologies and content. This collection of slides has one of the best metaphor designs. The variety of subjects are covered and almost all the topics related to business. The template has few important and internationally process graphics like social media. These illustrations in PowerPoint are based on updated business elements.

The content of Business Metaphors PowerPoint Shapes design is entirely for business presentation needs. It demonstrates the target oriented processes of any organization. The 30-slide template include visual components to define core business functions. Few of these include metaphor of finance, security, productivity and creativity. Further it contains cluster PowerPoint shapes which represent social sharing and innovation. Almost all the slides have two content layouts. Moreover, the one section of each has an editable PowerPoint shape. The other section contains a text placeholder with title bar. The users can modify various aspects of slide objects. For example, change the theme or shape color, customize image and icons. On the other hand, change the advance appearances of images. To do so, take slide 7 as an example. The figure of weight scale has a shadow on left. This is the prospective which can change under the option of shadow in format.

This Business Metaphors PowerPoint Shapes is a meaningful visual for business people. Users can communicate their topic through these awesome metaphors of silhouettes and shapes. It is easier to make presentation on management style, sales, progress improvements. Therefore, can be accomplish by simply copying the selective, relevant slides into a new PowerPoint. This unique PowerPoint template caters presentation needs of every industry professionals. It can also help make a wonderful training/learning presentation. Especially, a valuable tool for public speakers in the business and educational seminar.

The following List of Metaphors are described:

  • Rescue: through helping climbing the hill.
  • Focus: a fingerprint under a magnify.
  • Multitasking: a cartoon depicting a business employee with several arms.
  • Small Things: several icons.
  • Economize: the typical piggy bank.
  • Balance: a two arms scale.
  • Protection: a Shield PowerPoint Shape.
  • Digital: a network of connected devices.
  • Track: a businessman running a track made of the shadow of the dollar sign.
  • Measure: two types of rulers.
  • Efficiency: gears and tools.
  • Get the big fish: a pixel perfect Fish PowerPoint shape.
  • Conversions: a sand clock and money pile.
  • Speeds: a Car dashboard PowerPoint Shape.
  • Progress: a Chart showing progress.
  • Creative Ideas : a Brain connected to a light bulb.
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