Business Deal Infographic Diagram for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Diagram of Business Deal Process

The Business Deal Infographic Diagram for PowerPoint illustrates a step-by-step guide to a successful business deal. It is useful in orienting a new business team in the most effective way to go about securing a deal for the company.

A business deal is the core of the corporate world. It signals the beginning – and unfortunately, the end – of a business relationship. These relationships and connections are the life blood of business. The conception of a business deal begins with the initial meeting. This is where one of the parties introduces a prospective business plan for the other, usually a bank or an investor.

As seen on the slide, initial meeting leads to a brainstorming session featured on the first step. It involves the company representative in the deal, joining a collective discussion with other company executives to discuss the pros and cons of the deal. The step is then followed by the analysis of the other party’s historical records and data, shown on the second step. It involves analyzing past trends in the information, in order to determine whether the deal is worth it. The next step in the process is represented by gears. It shows the mechanical or the practical implementation. This can be done through market testing or through model experiments. The results from these tests are then reflected in the fourth step, which shows a rising bar graph. This step can include statistical forecasting to show the possible increase in profits or customer demands.

The end of the process is symbolized by a stack of coins. This can represent the finalization of the deal – that is, the actual transfer of funds from the customer to the company. Whether or not this stage happens is an indicator of the success of the proposal.

Use the Business Deal Infographic Diagram for PowerPoint for preparing the company’s representatives to a particular business deal. It can help them prepare themselves up for the presentation, while providing tips that can help them in the actual deal. The PowerPoint objects are fully customizable, allowing the user to adapt the slide look and feel to their own corporate branding and style. The presenter can download additional visual assets from our PowerPoint Templates Gallery to cover different proposal metaphors.

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