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Professional Target Clipart for PowerPoint

Generate a dynamic business strategy presentation using the Bullseye Shapes for PowerPoint. The template contains a creative design of a target powerpoint template, or bullseye illustration created with PowerPoint shapes. This kind of clipart are great for combining messages on goal assessment and target slides. The target illustration can be easily edited to describe business goals.

A bullseye is a common representation for accuracy. This concept can be used in business strategies to demonstrate the statistical accuracy of certain plans. The bullet holes on the target drawing can represent the accuracy of past projects, so that the management team can gain information, as well as motivation, as to how to deal with the project.

The slide designs use a target drawing with a white center circle, and five additional rings that alternate between red and white. The red rings are labeled from one to three. These can represent a certain grade given to a project for its accuracy. In this sense, the slides can reflect the evaluation of other projects. It can demonstrate a certain standard of excellence or accomplishment or the current project.

The PowerPoint Template contain two variations of a typical target. The first is a target that appears to be hung from the ceiling. This type of target is common in shooting ranges, so it can move closer to the shooter. The bullet points are connected to a set of text placeholders by thin lines. The second target resembles a dart board, which is merely hung from a wall.

The Bulls Eye Shapes for PowerPoint is ideal for showing accuracy and consistency between projects. It can act as an indicator or standard for a business plan. The PowerPoint vectors are flexible. The user can insert text or modify their color, size, and arrangement without affecting their resolution. The presenter can opt to download other target PowerPoint Templates, from the Gallery.

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