Basic 3D Chess Template for PowerPoint

Chess is a complex game of strategy. Its basic concept is used in the Basic 3D Chess Template for PowerPoint. Chess relies on the player’s skill to predict the opponent’s moves. Experienced players can influence these moves to their advantage. A business deal or a marketing plan can be the same way.

In a deal, both parties have their own strategies. They each have their own interests in mind. It is only a matter of careful planning one’s own movements to achieve them. Specific unspoken or implied rules often apply. The template can feature how these rules affect the two parties.

The cover slide features two chess pieces. They are identified as kings, by the crosses found at the top of the pieces. The black and white pieces represent the opposing parties. The chessboard can represent the venue of the business deal. The two following slides show two sets of pieces for each side. The set is made of a king and three pawns. The slide can introduce the project heads and their associates.

Succeeding slides show a series of chessboards containing only one or two pieces. These can represent confrontation between the parties. In some slides, only one piece can be found on the chessboard. These can demonstrate the strategic moves of each party in the business deal. A pawn can represent a frontline employee or member of the team. A queen can signify a major business partner. Other slides show two pieces, with one lying on the board. This can symbolize defeat in the negotiations.

The Basic 3D Chess Template for PowerPoint is ideal for strategy presentations. The presenter can edit the position or arrangement of the graphics. These can be done depending on the user’s needs or preference. Any changes will not affect the quality of the design.

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