AWS Adaptive ECommerce Store Architecture PowerPoint Template

The AWS Adaptive E-commerce Store Architecture PowerPoint template is a professional software architecture diagram based on the Amazon Web Services architectures. The created diagram describes an adaptive e-commerce store architecture deployment.

An e-commerce store has fluctuating web traffic, depending on seasonality and marketing efforts. In order to be cost effective, modern e-commerce stores are deployed in cloud environments in order to scale up and down, depending on the expected traffic. In this way organizations only pay for what they use, and always provide their users/customers the correct experience.

In this specific diagram the e-commerce store us deployed 100% in the amazon cloud, and built with amazon web services, in order to be able to scale without interruption.
The store is deployed in Amazon Beanstalk (EBS). The search features of the store are implemented as a Solr index, wth EC2 (elastic cloud compute) compute nodes .
The databases of the e-commerce store are deployed as Amazon RDS (Cloud Relational Databases) which allow the increase and decrease of storage and compute power depending on the software need.

The web layer is controlled by a Load Balancer that redirects traffic to different instances. Image delivery is deployed in Amazon Cloud Frond (CDN) and the routing (DNS) is done by Amazon route 53.

The diagram is created using the official Amazon Web Services Cloud icons. The user can download this diagram to describe it own ecommerce store and the services of AWS they plan to use.

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