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Our Animated Zoom Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template is an editable layout for preparing a visual planner using the Hoshin Kanri strategy. Hoshin and Kanri are two Japanese words that mean policy and deployment, respectively. Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning tool that involves a cascading pathway to direct the goals throughout the organization from origin to implementation. In other words, companies follow a directional Hoshin Kanri plan to formally communicate a common goal with each segment and employee of the organization for successful management of objectives. This planning charter comprises four phases, each mediated via a particular level of the organization. Our Hoshin Kanri layout is an animated zoom strategic planning template representing each phase with 100% editable fields. Thus, professionals can download and prepare a strategic presentation plan before the team members.

The first slide of this Hoshin Kanri strategic planning template shows four rectangular boxes, each representing a distinct Hoshin Kanri phase, i.e., Mission vs. Strategies, Strategies vs. Objectives, Objectives vs. Goals, Goals vs. Action Items. These four boxes are placed in a ladder format connected via curved arrowheads. In between these rectangles, the names of communicating departments are mentioned: Senior management, middle management, and teams. Using the PowerPoint Zoom effect, each rectangular shape is focused that shows up as a representative slide design. On slideshow, presenters can engagingly focus on each slide to represent the individual Hoshin Kanri phases in detail.

Each phase’s visual strategic planning slides have a defined structure crafted according to the Hoshin Kanri planner layout. These comparison slides represent the two corresponding factors in two intersecting matrix rows. For instance, on the Mission vs. Strategies slide, the vertical columns indicate the strategies arranged according to their relative importance and mission statements along the horizontal rows. At their intersection, the cells indicate representative symbols that are editable. The same organization pattern is followed on the other slides. The rows and columns also mention the owner names and other parameters like target, measure, and actual. All the provided fields of the Animated Zoom Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template matrix are entirely editable.

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