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PowerPoint Template of Animated 3D 8-Pillar Diagram
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PowerPoint Template for Pantheon Columns
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PowerPoint Diagram for Pantheon Columns
 3D 8-Pillar Diagram PowerPoint Template

The Animated 3D 8-Pillar Diagram for PowerPoint is a 3D illustration of Roman Pillars, and it is also known as a pantheon columns diagram. The 8 pillars of the pantheon columns are used as a symbol for representing the standards or values of an organization that support its strategic vision. The slides of this template contain the graphical image of the 8 Roman pillars in 3D format, which can be oriented in any dimension on the slide.

The Animated 3D 8-Pillar Diagram already contains the animations which give this template a dynamic look on the slide show. These slides will appear like the scenes of a video because of the exceptional coordination of animations of various PowerPoint objects.

The template helps explain different aspects of the support concept. On the beginning slides, the presenter will add the names of the idea or strategy being supported on the top of the pillar head and the titles of supporting elements separately on each pillar. Professionals can use the slide showing a text box on the bottom to write down the base of the idea. For example, in the 8 pillars of Total Productive Maintenance, one can mention 5S in this text box. Further, the next slide elaborates each step one by one. A dotted line emerges from each pillar and leads to a text box carrying essential details. Similarly, on the following slide, the focus is brought on the top of the pillars where the title or the strategy will be mentioned.

Alternatively, you can download other variants of this Greek animated pillarĀ  diagram with different number of steps:

There is another slide that displays the pillars as percentage graphs. The graphs can explain the relative effectiveness of each principle towards the organization’s strategy. The bars of these graphs gradually fill up with color due to the pre-set animation, according to the percentage being assigned.

The Animated 3D 8-Pillar Diagram for PowerPoint finds its application wherever a company wants to present its supportive principles. The cloudy background of the pillars gives the slides a realistic look. The text areas and fonts are all fully customizeable. The users can download and edit this template by using Office 365.

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