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Create an effective, well-structured PowerPoint presentation using the Actionable PowerPoint Template. Ideal to improve business presentations with creative PowerPoint slide designs and diagrams. It provides the presenter with colorful alternatives to plain, generic business layouts.

The slide designs contains diagrams which can be used to show several statistical information, such as bar charts and pie charts. The main theme of the PowerPoint Template is related to mobile applications. It uses an IPhone PowerPoint shape to decorate an arrow bar chart. The iphone content is an image placeholder the user can replace with its own content.

The PowerPoint template provides a set of six different vectorial diagrams designed to be an alternative to bullet points. The presenter can avoid death by PowerPoint organizing the slide content with professional PowerPoint Layouts. Each of the diagrams is colored with a flat warm palette that appeals to global audiences. All the charts provided are 100% editable; the user can adapt the theme of the presentation and the shapes will be updated automatically.

The presentation is decorated with a set of default generic PowerPoint Icons:

  • Shield with a padlock inside: metaphor for security.
  • Thin Flat Gear icon: for processes and plans.
  • A Digital Music Jukebox: represent music streaming or MP3.
  • GPS Flat Thin location icon: to represent Local Business or place.
  • Monitor with line chart: ideal for dashboards or finance presentations
  • Padlock: related to passwords or security systems.
  • Pile of Books: related to documentation.
  • House: home directory or homepage.
  • World: user can apply it to talk about the internet, or globalization.
  • Computer network: featuring communications.
  • RSS: Diffusion or widespread of information.
  • Shopping Cart: Ecommerce related presentations.
  • Money in hand: represent a transaction.

Impress members of the organization, while providing accurate information. Suited for presenting a summary of statistics in a marketing presentation, the Actionable PowerPoint Template can be complemented with additional PowerPoint Icons of our gallery.

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