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Ladder of Accountability Concept Presentation
PPT Accountability Ladder Diagram

The Accountability Ladder PowerPoint Template presents ladder shapes as metaphors for leadership concepts. This PowerPoint template shows two slide designs of ladders in a 3D view. The accountability ladder is a management model for organizations. This concept is helpful for management professionals and entrepreneurs to manage failures effectively. Moreover, the level of accountability and level of organization hierarchy are directly related. For example, delegating any task to the team and not following up on it. It can lead to two possibilities that either task was not important or hard work hasn’t been acknowledged.

The leadership PowerPoint templates of accountability ladder show two behavior types in 8 steps ladder and staircase shapes. These diagram graphics are fully editable and could be easily copied into business presentations. Simply change the colors, adjust size, edit text, and customize PowerPoint background to personalize its contents.

The accountability ladder could be described in 8 steps broken in two groups; accountable or victim behaviors.

These are:

  1. I don’t know: No accountability – management, and workforce who has no clue about unhappy customers or loss.
  2. Excuse: More excuses and fewer results – It’s mainly due to lack of focus and low productivity.
  3. Wait and hope: Expecting results without communicating requirements
  4. Blame others: Blame game – play the victim and find someone or something for cause of failure.
  5. Acknowledge reality: Recognize the level of workload or tasks required for business growth.
  6. Own it: Take responsibility and commit to business goals.
  7. Find solution: Take ownership of situation and ability to handle issues professionals.
  8. Make it happen: Develop innovative products and achieve breakthrough goals.

The Accountability Ladder PowerPoint Template presents a visual diagram of this management concept. The two slides of ladder illustration will help business professionals and entrepreneurs to demonstrate their risk management approaches. It could also assist managers in staff training and skill development sessions. The users can take advantage of these two slide templates to motivate audience towards accountability of actions and progress. Further, these flat vector PowerPoint templates are also presentable on google slides themes.

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