8 Step Circular Puzzle Diagram Template for PowerPoint

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Create a colorful and informative presentation using the 8 Step Circular Puzzle Diagram Template for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint presentation can be utilized in any cyclical process with 8 steps. Improve conventional circular diagrams with the creatively-assembled diagram.

Each step of the process is represented by a jigsaw puzzle. The presenter can refer to this as a metaphor. It can be explained that each step is vital to the continuation of the process. They represent a single piece which, if done properly and effectively, completes the cycle in order to begin a new one.

The steps are arranged in a clockwise direction. From the first step, the jigsaw continues to the right, at an angle, before it meets with the first piece again. Each jigsaw puzzle contains a numbered label, a placeholder, and a relevant icon. The PowerPoint icons are created as flat vector drawings. The doughnut diagram itself has a long shadow, giving it the impression of being 3D.

The Puzzle PowerPoint template can be used in the logistics of specific commerce trading processes. The presenter can even use the template to describe the different stages of customer and brand loyalty, and the company’s methods of achieving it.

Users can describe the company’s system of promoting brand recognition, improving brand preference, and cementing brand insistence. These three degrees of brand loyalty help the company establish its products in the consumer market. By doing this, the company is assured of continuing purchases and production through consistent client demand. This also decides whether products are discarded, continued, or developed, according to the company’s relative position in the market in relation to its competitors.

Most suitable for livening traditional circular process diagrams, the 8 Step Circular Puzzle Diagram is fun and interactive. The familiar shapes and icons make it easily identifiable to any type of audience. The presenter can also download other PowerPoint templates from the Gallery, like the SEO Circular Diagram Template for PowerPoint.

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