7-Year Career Journey PowerPoint Template

Prepare a professional career journey timeline using the 7-Year Career Journey PowerPoint Template. This infographic template contains three different layouts to show your career path. Professionals can represent their career achievements and showcase how and where they stand in their respective professions. Users can also present a summary of jobs or employment through this vibrant template.

The first infographic slide represents a mountain timeline. It is divided into seven sections using dotted lines, where each division represents a year. A human character icon is also shown on the mountain, initially crawling, walking with difficulty, and then stabilized. The slide represents the concept of struggle phases, where the glowing peaks of the mountain symbolize the stages of career development. It visually depicts that the person is not stable during the beginning of career establishment. However, with every passing year, the stability increases, and the person reaches a sound position.

The next is a curved flow diagram with each turn representing a year. At each curve, a specific graphic icon is representative of the significant activities of the year, and a text box is also placed on mentioning the key points. For example, the third year’s turn is represented through a Pen symbol, which depicts the studies and educational phase of the journey. Similarly, the 5th year is represented by an airplane icon, showing that the person moved from the country of origin for studies or employment.

The third slide is a simple roadmap career journey with 7 location pins on the road diagram representing the seven years. With each locator pin, there is a text box representing the main activities of each year.

The users can add their picture on the first slide by replacing the placeholder. The overall design and structure of 7-Year Career Journey PowerPoint Template is engaging. The colors, PowerPoint objects, and other elements can be changed according to the user’s requirements. The template is 100% editable using PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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