6 Level Maturity Model PowerPoint Template

6 Level Maturity Model PowerPoint Layout

The 6 Level Maturity Model PowerPoint Template is an infographic concept diagram for business maturity assessment. The maturity model template is used to develop a framework where an organization can visualize its capabilities, flaws, and needed adjustments, all in a single slide. Different parameters are assessed at each level to devise a business improvement scheme for a successful landmark.

The Maturity Model Template helps you explain your business growth and efficiency in six stages. Each level indicates some factors that should be mentioned, e.g., quality standards, executive, risk management strategies, etc. Such factors are mentioned in the slide legend, along with their clipart icons. The presenters can change these points and replace the relevant graphics.

This PowerPoint concept diagram has applications for every type of maturity model preparation. For instance, this layout covers all the aspects of a start-up business improved up to a fully established business body. Others can prepare a presentation to showcase a business improvement plan through this template. Alternatively, you can download other maturity model slides for presentations, like the maturity model assessment template with 5 steps. 

The 6 Level Maturity Model PowerPoint Template is based on 6 concentric circular diagrams arranged in a row in ascending order. The first circle represents level one, the second circle level two, so on till level six of the maturity model. In each diagram, the presenter can enter the details of the parameters being discussed in addition to the relevant clipart. At every stage of this diagram, the same parameters with varying information are discussed. For instance, in “Financials,” the variability of financial improvement or decline is mentioned and compared starting from level one till level six during the presentation

The Maturity model template is 100% editable. Presenters can change the background color, shapes, and diagrams accordingly. This template is compatible with Google Slides, so one can download the template and add the essentials to prepare its presentation in just a while.

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