5 Step Strategy Pyramid Diagram

Strategy Planning Model Diagram

The 5 Step Strategy Pyramid Diagram is a management planning PowerPoint slide. This business strategy diagram is a resourceful presentation for various strategic planning concepts. It is a five-phase pyramid template of gradient color segments. Whereas, the flat design PowerPoint has set of infographic icons representing each level. The strategy PowerPoint pyramid is the business methodology template to represent a plan or design. This design can illustrate the development of new project or improvement in an existing process. The 5-step pyramid diagram shows a sequence of activities. The outcome of one level is the input into its subsequent stage. Here, these levels are distinguishable by dotted lines and the text placeholders. This 5 steps strategy pyramid diagram shows five levels of a planning process. These are:

  1. Strategic Planning: Process of defining strategy and directing decisions.
  2. Financial Planning: Evaluate the current financial state to predict the income and profit.
  3. Trusted Reporting: A secure and transparent communication system.
  4. Record keeping: Managing data and information.
  5. Transacting: Deliver the desired outcomes.

The gradient slide of 5 Step Strategy Pyramid Diagram shows circular infographic labeling for its five levels. For instance, a user icon for strategic planning and bundle of bucks for financials. Similarly, the shield represents trusted reporting and folder for recording keeping. The transacting, however, has the symbol which commonly represents continuous delivery.

The pyramid PowerPoint diagram of 5 Step strategy is a simple slide containing all the features of design modifications. For example, the colors of gradient effect or its light variations like linear diagonal and several other directions. The pyramid diagram template design of strategy is an essential model for the range of business and industries. In other words, it is a visual tool to describe what business is set to accomplish. The strategy PowerPoint template is an ideal diagram to track the workflow and implementation of processes.

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