5 Segments 3 Inner Core Segments Circular Diagram

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Circular Diagram with 5 Customizable Segments
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Our editable 5 Segments 3 Inner Core Segments Circular Diagram is a multi-step process diagram. The template provides a range of diagram designs to facilitate the user’s presentation for professional scenarios. Users can choose between the available variants of the wheel diagram according to the use case. It is specifically helpful for presenting stages of synchronized processes or steps & sub-steps of a single process flow. In each case, presenters can add the details using the well-arranged placeholders. This PPT template can help present change models, financial plans, marketing ideas, and educational concepts.

The first slide shows a dual-layer wheel diagram with a circular core element. Each arrow segment of the rounded figure has editable text and a distinct color. Along the two sides of the circular diagram are two text boxes to add descriptions for each process. On the next slide, there are three color-coded text boxes according to the color scheme of the inner three-segment circular diagram. This 5 Segments 3 Inner Core Segments Circular Diagram is also provided in further design variants of the provided text boxes that are 100% editable.

Presenters can also use the single ring segmented diagrams to discuss simple process flow and stages. The third slide of this PPT template shows a five-segment circular diagram. Users can change the colors and adjust and copy this concept diagram to their slides for presentation. Further, the linear version of this infographic diagram can also help illustrate the stages of two simultaneous processes. The inner 3-segment circular figure is also provided on the individual slide.

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