4-Step Unbalanced Scale PowerPoint Template

The 4-Step Unbalanced Scale PowerPoint Template is an infographic presentation to illustrate comparisons. This template displays modern clipart of measuring scale contain four segments. It shows a traditional balance scale in two slides with different backgrounds. These background colors enable users to adjust layout according to existing presentation theme. Further, these slides assist users to communicate comparisons and weighing concepts during presentations. For example, pros and cons, evaluations, and comparisons between two products, services, and solutions. This scale will help visualize weight or value of decisions. Whereas, the 4 segments could help describe outcomes or other important information about elements.

The unbalanced scale template visualizes difference or inequality. Since it is a symbol of justice and balanced scale represents quality or fairness. Here, the scale tipped to the left indicates more weight or value of an item. These slides could be used to discuss business objectives, priorities, and benefits for alternative ideas. Commonly, the balance scale shape is used to describe value of time vs. money during project planning. This unbalanced scale PowerPoint template can help communicate various business and analysis concepts.

The 4-Step Unbalanced Scale PowerPoint Template provides a creative layout of colorful clipart icons and measuring tool. The users can change colors or edit text placeholders to demonstrate business information. Moreover, the users can alter unbalanced scale weight by tilting its shape. To do so, select the flat balancing arm and rotate shape to left or right as necessary.

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