4 Quadrants Looping Infographic PowerPoint Diagram

The 4 Quadrants Looping Infographic PowerPoint Diagram presents a 1-page diagram for integrated processes. This diagram template shows four circular segments with curved arrows in the inner layer of each shape. These are directional arrows that display a flow of processes around a central idea. The circle shapes with 4 arrows illustrate 4 loop cycles. It is a creative diagram template to present a range of process cycle and operation concepts. The diagram of four connected loops in 4 quadrants is suitable for discussing ongoing activities or operations in business management. A good example of 4 quadrants looping is a coordination loop where each quadrant has its own process cycle.

The 4 steps PowerPoint diagram template is designed to present process descriptions in professional presentations. The segments are divided into four quadrants which show loops as a part of one complete system. Hence, as a system, the 4 quadrants looping diagram shows the integration of four operations. A product or service is an outcome of multiple departments working in their domain to produce results. This 4 quadrants infographic looping can visualize how departmental processes integrate. Alternatively, you can download other infographics templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides or cycle flowchart templates, to produce engaging presentations.

The 4 Quadrants Looping Infographic PowerPoint Diagram is an ideal presentation tool for describing quadrant models. Download 4 quadrants looping when you want to showcase multiple process cycles in a visually meaningful way. The clipart icons included in each loop segment represents the work involved. The multi-color arrows and clipart icons can be customized for desired presentation theme. You can use the 4 quadrants diagram template in different domains such as business education, research, etc.

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