3D Sales Bag Shapes for PowerPoint

Upgrade typical retail presentations using the 3D Sales Bag Shapes for PowerPoint. Improve sales reports with the 3D PowerPoint clipart. The realistic vectors give an interesting and unconventional twist to traditional banners and brochures.

Sales bags, or shopping bags, are commonly related to retail sales, shopping and e-commerce. The use of these slide designs give the audience a quick idea that the presentation is related to the commerce theme. Retail sales is one of the building blocks of a successful economies. Although client-based selling and customized manufacturing can generate more income, retail gives the company room to experiment with their products and see which ones are appealing to a certain target market.

In this context, the PowerPoint template can be used to show the process of preparing a certain product for retailing. The user can include initial manufacturing, processing and repackaging in the presentation. Another use for the template is in the presentation of different stages of retail businesses, ranging from singular corner shops, to an entire franchising empire.

The principles of e-commerce can also be applied to the presentation. The sales bags can represent stages of e-commerce purchasing and selling. They can represent specific developments which a start-up specializing in e-commerce undergoes to develop internet presence, such as blogs and advertisements.

The slides contain shopping bags, colored in gradient variations of yellow, black, green, or gray. They contain numbered labels which indicate their place in the process. Each sales bag is connected to a text placeholder where the descriptions of the step can be inserted.

With the 3D Sales Bag Shapes for PowerPoint, the presenter can show purchasing processes in a unique manner. Any alteration with regards to color and size will not in any way affect the graphic resolution of the PowerPoint shapes.

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